Welcome to the Zupa Wall - the centrepiece of the Zupa brand!

Welcome to the Zupa Wall - the centrepiece of the Zupa brand!

This is where all our content from our hosted and external platforms will live as we create and launch them. We want to keep you up to date on our progress.

Zupa’s mission is to be ‘Innovative, Ethical and for You’ and with that, we look to push ‘thought leadership’ in consumer and business markets to bring a positive impact in both fields.

How do we 'Innovate'?

Big technology companies have invested trillions in research and development to establish new markets and innovate age-old methodologies. In many cases, they have been the ‘first movers’ in these markets. However, we see an opportunity to combine shared learnings with proven technologies and industries – to bring innovation to current every day practices which will make your digital life more efficient; faster, more organised and with opportunities to save and/or make money by doing your own thing. Here are a few ideas:

  • Focus on instant messaging platforms becoming a more common medium of communication (away from traditional email),
  • positive shift in attitudes towards personal data privacy,
  • auto-checkout retail and continued increase in automation,
  • decentralised solutions and use of crypto (sigh),
  • increasing positive impact of AI, machine learning and Big Data, and
  • the move to everything-as-a-service.

We are consistently researching these areas and establishing how they apply to what we do (and the underlying opportunities they provide), whilst building one efficient, holistic and ethical solution.

What does 'Ethical' really mean?

Venturing into multiple markets emphasises the need for more responsibility towards an individuals’ personal data and privacy. Until now the consumer-focused internet has been used for commercial purposes only. This adheres to the idea of providing a platform for communication, but as Jaron Lanier says in his TED Talk, that must be “financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them” through the ‘push’ ad-based model.

Zupa is moving away from this model by having no ‘push ads’ on our system. This allows us to facilitate communication, provides a platform for collaboration and creativity, and is monetised through the commencement of user earnings. We are encouraging innovation and fair competition in the UK marketplace - providing you with the platform to start something exciting!

How do we deliver benefit for 'You'

Our 'zupaVerse' is designed for you to benefit from – whoever you are, wherever you want to go in your life.

We have designed (and are in the process of building) a seamless grid of the most useful personal and business applications in the world. This provides one consistent and efficient platform that will enable you to keep your personal and business life separate, integrate them or just use it for one or the other. You can follow our journey by reading our Founder’s blog.

Finally, about 'Thought Leadership'

Our team has a wide perspective on every considerable attribute relating to what we do (given what we are doing, that’s a massively good thing)! We provide the entire Zupa team the opportunity to publish their own content and views on the Zupa Wall.

To that end here at www.zupa.co.uk we provide a wide range of content and different viewpoints; happy reading!

If you would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with myself - ollie.brand@zupa.co.uk