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Who are we ?

Zupa Media are one of the UK's leading companies specializing in Website design and management. Providing a point of reference up to full E commerce solutions. We have been trading privately and with closed doors but with constant growth and a great time on our hands, we have now decided to open our doors to businesses across the UK.

the real way to success is the active involvement of the owners

Our history

Our methods

The birth of Zupa

Zupa media started with one freelance designer offering his services privately via word of mouth. As popularity grew so did the business and its clients. We began to hear Zupa being whispered by the trees and shouted from the rooftops..At this point we knew it was time to expand

We opened our new office!

At first the wolf pack was a small pack, a pack of 1 but now our pack was a pack of 4. Ater the huge increase in business and our repeat customers increasing to over 250 clients we had to move our tiny space had to grow along with the pack.

The Glory Days

Our pack had became a TEAM of 20+, Zupa media became Zupa media LTD, Our customers were in the thousands, Our customer service team were known on first name basis (some recieved Birthday cards!).

If not from us, take it from them

We can scream and shout how great we are.. but instead of listening to us how about you hear it directly from the horses mouth!

Why choose us ?

We are tried and tested. Through the experience of our team here at Zupa, we have been able to single out a work process that works for all types of business and projects. We guarentee your satisfaction wether you need a new logo or your start an online empire. We've done it all...

The latest and Greatest

Zupa Media LTD use the the most update software, services and platforms available.

1. Communication

Communication is key to obtain clarity of the task ahead. Wethere you have exact specification, a vague idea or no idea. We will make sure we deliver what you want.

2. Dedicated design team

Our design team are motivated by sheer passion. They wont stop untill its better than their latest and greatest. With your own personal account manager you can be rest asured you have a translator for all the technical mumbo jumbo.

3. Customer Satisfaction

We wont stop working until your matter how long it takes (NO EXTRA COST)